AirPods Max for cinematographers editors and photographers?

Courtesy of Matt Birchler (Unsplash)

First of all, if you are an android user or anything else than apple ecosystem adopter you can stop reading this piece, Airpods Max are not for you.
You can answer yourself to the question “is it worth entering in apple ecosystem only to have these big headphones?” (no.)

Jack to Lightning cable, courtesy of Apple

All modes are perfectly set and we can feel all the Apple’s precision and ability of making no-brainer products.

The overall quality is great and I don’t feel the the weight of the aluminium headphones even after hours of listening.

Courtesy of Ervo Rocks on Unsplash

With the amazon discount the purchase turns into a no-brainer one.

They passed with full marks.
Be sure to buy the cable jack to lightening (here if you have to edit with them or to travel by plane.



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